Billionaires are piling in...Central banks are loading up…
Gold hasn’t been this popular since just before
the last major bull market in 2000...

That’s why I’m rushing out my 2020 gold investment strategy

Your USB Golden Drive

Please Tell Me
Where to Send Your
USB ‘Golden Drive’

Please Tell Me
Where to Send Your
USB ‘Golden Drive’

Your USB Golden Drive

Plug this memory stick into your computer and discover...

  • The US Federal Reserve’s ‘silent policy’ that could pave the way for much higher gold prices...
  • Why demand for physical gold could be about to QUINTUPLE...
  • How interest rate cuts create a ‘turbo tailwind’ for gold...that you can trade
  • ‘A really wonderful way to make money for the next two, two and a half years...’

From coins...stocks...and ETFs...
Everything you need to know about how to take part
in the third great gold bull market is loaded onto
this USB thumb-drive...

Read on to find out how to get yours

Dear Reader,

If I’m right about what’s coming, you’ll thank me many times over this time next year...


Because you’ll have done something few other investors ever do: Buy into a market just before it takes off.

All you need to do is listen carefully over the next few minutes…and then act on what I share with you.

If you do, you’ll have three potential opportunities to benefit in 2020:

  1. You could stand to make a lot of money from capital gain in the next 12–48 months...from just ONE investment. Buy. Let any upward momentum carry you. Hold while the price goes up. Then, if you want, sell for a potentially big profit...
  1. You’ll have the opportunity to shield your wealth if there’s a stock market crash. Again, history tells us that just ONE investment has the potential to give you incredible peace of mind...
  1. And if you want to may also be able to leverage big gains in a rising market over the next one to four years...

I know of no other asset that gives you the chance to do ALL these things right now.

Of course, I’m talking about gold.

It’s a special moment for this precious metal.

A moment you may be watching with interest.

And you’re right to.

As I’ll show you, I believe we’re at the beginning of the third major bull market in gold in more than half a century.

You’re not just looking at a rising gold price right now...

You’re looking at a potential gold BOOM

I wouldn’t be surprised if gold doubled or even tripled over the next 12-24 months.

On the conservative side, that would put us at around AU$4,400/oz by the end of 2021.

Why do I think this is possible?

It happened in the other two gold bull markets of the last 50 years.

In fact, during the first gold boom, in the 1970s, gold went up 1,939%.

In the second gold boom, in the 2000s, gold went up 562%.

Both times, some people made a tonne of money.

Those who bought bullion and held on…

…and those who bought the kinds of gold-related investments I’ll tell you about today.

So yes, if the boom plays out like the previous two, you could be looking at a significantly higher gold price come this time next year.

There’s not a moment to lose if you want to take part.

As I’ve said, I believe gold’s third major bull market has already begun.

Some say it started in 2015. I think it really kicked off in August 2018. Since then, gold has climbed 33% in Aussie dollar terms. And it hasn’t looked back.

It’s the best performing asset of 2019...

And if you act now, I believe you’ll be...

Buying into a rising market

And soon, a BOOMING market.

Which is what you want, right?

But this is not just about positioning yourself early for the chance to land a big windfall over the coming months...

Right now, gold seems like the perfect choice for conservative investors and speculators alike.

The conditions look SO favourable, gold could work for you whether you’re aggressive or defensive.

How good is that?

Of course, it all depends on how and where you invest in gold — not to mention when.

But that’s what this letter is about.

I have created an all-new, all-gold portfolio — five hand-picked recommendations — that could all work together for you, regardless of whether you have $1,000, $10,000 or even $100,000 to invest.

You’ll find it gives you exposure to gold’s new boom in FOUR ways:

  1. As a short-term trade...
  1. As a longer-term income play...
  1. As a play on a possible explosion in demand for physical gold, and...
  1. As a hedge against a financial or stock market crash.

You can have this gold portfolio.


It will tell you what to buy. And what to pay.

You can get it as soon as you’ve finished reading this letter — along with another valuable gold investing resource I’ll tell you about in a moment.

I recommend you get your hands on these two items immediately

They will give you the chance to
‘buy before the boom’

Listen, I’m not the only one who believes a much higher gold price is coming...

  • Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones said in June that gold was his favourite trade for the next 12–24 months. Jones says ‘gold has everything going for it’ right now. And if interest rates in the US continue their trajectory towards zero, ‘gold in that situation is going to scream...’
  • That same month, billionaire investor Jeffrey Gundlach said he’s ‘certainly long gold’ because he sees a 65% chance of a recession in the next 12 months...
  • Billionaire investor Sam Zell announced in January: ‘For the first time in my life, I bought gold because it is a good hedge... Supply is shrinking, and that is going to have a positive impact on the price.
  • Then in July, billionaire investor Ray Dalio told investors in a LinkedIn post: ‘I believe that it would be both risk-reducing and return-enhancing to consider adding gold to one’s portfolio...’

So...if billionaire investors are buying and recommending gold right now — what does that tell you?

Look, I’m no fortune teller. But I know gold.

I’ve backed it since it traded for AU$850 an ounce.

It’s multiplied almost three times over since then.

But I believe it’s only getting started.

I’ve studied the two previous gold booms. They played out in the same, identifiable stages — both times.

Everything I’m seeing tells me it’s happening again.

In fact, my analysis tells me gold could potentially rise by the same amount again…maybe more…before this bull market plays out.

As my friend, gold expert and bestselling author Jim Rickards, told me in October:

Don’t wait too much longer, because a really exponential increase in the gold price is right around the corner...’

Yes, the gold price has been steadily rising since that low point in August 2018. But when you compare it to the two previous bull markets, the party’s barely even begun.

  • The 1970s gold bull market took about four years, from when it really took off, to hit its peak.
  • The 2000s gold boom also had a ‘sweet spot’ of about four years when it was really flying.

If I’m right — that gold truly IS in its third great bull market...

We haven’t even reached the fun part yet

Right now, I believe you have a great and timely opportunity to invest before the boom.

Of course, I could be wrong, but an explosion in the gold price looks inevitable to me at this point.

And I can see many exciting ways to play this move...

Ways to profit from any capital gain in the asset itself.

Ways to trade it.

Ways to benefit if there’s a rise in the paper gold market.

And other ways most private investors haven’t considered.

I can help you figure out your gold strategy.

Like I said, I have two valuable resources I want to send you.

They will show you how and where to invest — quickly — to potentially make the most impact.

‘Quickly’ is the key word here. So let’s get to it...

Here’s the first resource. It’s called:

The Golden Drive

It’s a USB stick.

And it’s chock-full of insight...wisdom... experience...nous and knowledge from right across the gold investing world.

Insight it’s taken me more than 10 months to gather and collate.

Rock Stock Insider

And now that I have, I’m confident that this little memory stick holds one of the most valuable repository of gold investing intelligence anywhere in Australia...

It’s essentially a collaboration of some of the sharpest investment minds, gold experts and most successful wealth builders of the last 20-plus years. And they each have a story to tell about gold, including:

  • Why we’ve arrived at this point in gold’s rich history...
  • Where this could all lead — not just in terms of the new investment boom I just talked about, but also maybe in terms of a new monetary standard...
  • And — crucially — how to buy before the boom to potentially make the biggest gold gains over the coming months.

Today, if you have a valid Australian postal address, you can get one.

Just say the word. I’ll pop it in the post to you as soon as I hear from you.

So, what will you learn when you plug this USB stick into your computer?

All you need to know to help you invest successfully in this third gold boom

First, you’ll hear top Australian economist John Adams tell me why gold should be an essential component of every Australian’s financial plan right now.

Rock Stock Insider

Here I am talking to Australian economist John Adams.


Well, John says we have a currency crisis on our hands...orchestrated at the highest level.

According to John, not only is the Aussie dollar in the toilet, the RBA will be the one to flush it down.

Anything to protect the housing bubble.

Every interest rate cut the RBA makes is another body blow to our currency.

Look at what else happens though...

Rock Stock Insider

Source: Optuma

See those two red dotted lines?

They mark the back-to-back interest rate cuts we saw earlier this year.

The orange line is the gold price in Aussie dollars.

The green line is the AUD/USD currency pair.

After those two rate cuts, you can see that gold rocketed up while the Aussie dollar dropped.

There are three quick takeaways from this:

  • When the AUD falls, that’s usually a GOOD thing for gold...
  • When the RBA cuts rates, gold tends to shoot up...
  • The RBA is said to be planning further rate cuts over the next 12 months.

In fact, at the time of writing, there has just been ANOTHER rate cut, this time down to a new low of 0.75%.

What’s all this telling you? (Take a wild guess!)

On The Golden Drive, you’ll hear John tell me about an ingenious way to get exposure to gold’s rise, at a much cheaper price...without buying:

  1. Gold itself,
  2. A single stock or security, or
  3. An ETF or other tracker.

Intriguing, right?

I honestly hadn’t thought about trading gold this way before.

But since John and I spoke...

You bet I’ve been copying him!

You’ll get all the details of this strategy... John’s more expansive take on the economic woes he sees in Australia’s timeline...

...and what you can do now to protect the cash and assets you have from that dreaded ‘RBA flush’.

It’s all on the USB thumb-drive I want to send you.

In a moment, I’ll explain how to organise shipping.

But before I go any further, let me quickly introduce myself.

My name is Shae Russell.

I’m Editor of The Daily Reckoning Australia.

I’m a fully accredited Australian investment analyst. A writer, speaker and trader. I’m also a long-term holder of gold and gold investments.

Rock Stock Insider

Source: Fat Tail Media

Here I am speaking recently at the Gold and Alternative Investments Conference in Sydney.

I was there to give a keynote on how to analyse tiny gold stocks. Something I’ve been doing for the best part of 10 years.

What you can’t see in this picture is that the auditorium was FULL.

I wasn’t expecting such a technical presentation to be so popular!

But I can talk about this stuff all day long.

So, it was probably a good thing that they herded me into a separate Q&A session directly after my speech, where I blabbed away to investors for almost another hour.

I must say, though, that even I was taken aback at how suddenly gold — and gold stocks — have become popular again.

More on that phenomenon shortly.

The point is, you have a short window of opportunity here.

Just from being on the ground at these events, I can see a tipping point fast approaching for gold…

You could get in before this 
and I’d like to help you

First things first: I want to get one of my gold USB drives into your hand.

Let me get back to telling you who and what you’ll find on this super-valuable resource...

Next up you’ll hear from former investment banker Grant Williams.

Grant is a 30-year veteran of the finance industry and the author of the awesome Aussie newsletter Things That Make You Go Hmmm.

Like me, he’s expecting a rush into gold, in response to what he calls ‘craziness’ in the bond market.

Gold stands for everything this ‘craziness’ is not, Grant told me. ‘It represents prudence, it represents independence, it represents responsibility...’

You have to feel that governments...investors...and most right-thinking people...will pivot back to these time-honoured sentiments sooner rather than later.

And that points to a potentially much higher gold price.

Grant did get a bit riled during our chat.

He says he’s always being accused of ‘blowing hot air’.

This is because he talks about the kinds of economic scenarios that are unpopular to many people.

Because of this, he says, most investors don’t have a plan in the event that he’s right (I think he could be — and you may think so too when you hear what he has to say).

Should that plan include gold?

Well, Grant loves gold right now, because he says the wider investment community isn’t looking at it.

The second they do (and to Grant’s mind they will — it’s just a question of when), that’s when gold will take off.

And when that happens, it will be hard to stop.

Why? Because gold is such a small market compared to, say, the ASX 200 or the forex markets.

What Grant’s saying is this: Even if physical gold ownership goes up by fractions of a percent, the effect on the gold price could be huge (I believe that too).

Rock Stock Insider

Here I am chatting to financial industry veteran Grant Williams.
(Source: Fat Tail Media)

There was much more fascinating insight over our 40-minute chat.

Including a worrying exchange about how vulnerable Australian banks are looking right now...

...and the overseas funding crisis (tied to the downward trend in interest rates) that could potentially bring down the entire system.

I’m not kidding.

But it’s probably better I save that one for the USB.

Point is...

There’s an ‘old-fashioned’ way to hedge against this kind of financial crisis

You’ll get the full picture on The Golden Drive.

Plug it into your computer, and you’ll discover ideas and strategies you’ll likely want to put in place straightaway.

I’ve been deep into gold and the Australian mining industry for more than a decade now.

And even I learned a lot during this project.

For example, did you know that the last two gold bull markets followed a precise pattern...from market bottom through to explosive boom?

Let me show you what I mean…

It’s why I’m so convinced gold is about to rocket up...and why you should organise your gold investment strategy without delay...

Both previous gold bull markets KICKED OFF with a 10% correction in the price...

  • In the 1970s, gold corrected by 10% to US$128/oz. It never traded lower since...
  • In the 2000s, gold corrected by 10% to US$375/oz. And again, it never traded that low again.
  • In May 2018, the gold price corrected by around 10% down to just under US$1,180/oz. And guess what? It hasn’t traded that low since...

Both previous gold bull markets were FUELLED by the US devaluing its currency...

  • In 1971, Richard Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard. That devalued the dollar and triggered a quick rise in the gold price, from US$20/oz to US $35/oz...
  • At the end of 2000, the US government was $5.6 trillion in debt. The Federal Reserve dropped interest rates from 7% to 1% in the wake of the tech crash — which effectively devalued the US dollar...
  • Fast forward to today. The US is now $22 trillion in debt.

The only way the US can pay it back, I’d argue, is by devaluing its currency.

Not only that, we’ve seen the dollar index fall in value against a basket of other currencies.

This index is a good proxy to assess what the US dollar is worth around the world.

Both previous gold bull markets were SUPPORTED by a rapid increase in institutional buying...

  • In 1974, Wall Street institutions created gold futures as a way to bet on the gold price. This pushed the market up rapidly...
  • Between 2004 and 2006, the amount of gold held under management by exchange traded funds (ETFs) rose FIVEFOLD…from four million ounces to more than 20 million ounces. This had a huge effect on the underlying asset price...
  • Right now, big money is buying gold again.

European ETFs have doubled the amount of gold they have under management, from 1,000 tonnes to nearly 2,000 tonnes.

Same in Asia. In addition, central banks have been loading up on gold. Russia has overtaken China in terms of its official gold holdings.

Turkey, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia, Egypt and Thailand are all shoring up their gold stores.

In fact, they are the biggest buyers of gold since 1967...

And both previous bull markets EXPLODED when private investors realised the momentum was with the market and piled in...

Here’s what happened during the first gold bull market (I call this last stage the ‘mania’ phase of the boom)...

Rock Stock Insider


And here’s the same thing playing out in the second gold bull market:

Rock Stock Insider


That ‘mania moment’ — the awakening for private investors — hasn’t happened yet this third time around...

But it feels close

Can you see why I’m telling and readers to ‘buy before the boom’?

You’ll learn a handful of really effective ways to do just that on The Golden Drive.

Speaking of which, next up on the USB memory stick, you’ll hear from commodities investing legend Rick Rule.

Rick has been in the resource investing business for 45 years. He’s Senior Managing Director at Sprott Inc. — which has more than US$8.1 billion under management.

The bloke is A-list. We’ve met twice now. And I would say that Rick is among the top five smartest people I have ever spoken to.

He’s the kind of guy who can pull killer numbers from God knows where when he’s making an argument.

You’ll hear it in my interview with him on the USB stick — his recall is incredible.

And his most arresting argument right now is for a BOOMING GOLD PRICE

Main reason?

Global debt stands at US$100 trillion. A number so colossal, you can’t really wrap your head around it.

Practically speaking, this debt is never getting repaid.

Governments know this but won’t acknowledge it. They think it’s OK to borrow more and more, because ‘we all owe it to each other and it’s fine’.

But the market will wake up to reality sooner or later. And when it does, Rick says gold will attain a much greater market share relative to the US dollar.

What does that mean, exactly?

According to Rick, it means that gold should revert to its ‘three-decade mean’ of about 1.5% of all investable assets in the United States.

This may not mean a lot to you, so let me just say that if that happens, demand for gold could quadruple or even quintuple in fairly short order, says Rick.

All it would take is for confidence in the US dollar to slide...and not by much.

Rock Stock Insider

Me with Rick Rule and Nomi Prins.
(Source: Fat Tail Media)

Here I am chatting with Rick at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver earlier this year.

(The other lady you can see in the picture is none other than Nomi Prins...former MD of Goldman Sachs and Bear Sterns...and now a bestselling financial author and journalist. More on Nomi later...)

In this picture, Rick is in the process of telling me how bullish he is on the Australian mining industry right now.

He says that the economic conditions to drill for gold in Australia are more favourable than in most other countries — certainly in the developed world.

I managed to get this next quote on the USB, so you can hear it for yourself. Rick says:

Australia is a wonderful combination of prospective geology, competent management teams and, relative to the rest of the world, politics that allows value creation in mining. I believe Australia is the best developed country on the planet for mining by a comfortable margin.

He went on to tell me how there is a ‘really wonderful way to make money [from Australian mining] for the next two, two and a half years...’

To find out what Rick is so excited about, you need to get your hands on
The Golden Drive
and plug it into your computer

I’ll explain how you can get your hands on one in just a moment.

Before that, let me quickly tell you who else you’ll hear from on this thumb-drive...

Next, I talk to gold mining legend Rob McEwen.

Rock Stock Insider

In case you don’t know, Rob is the guy who founded Goldcorp — formerly the fourth largest gold producer in the world, until it was acquired by Newmont Mining earlier this year.

That combined entity is now the world’s biggest producer. Not bad when you consider that Rob founded Goldcorp from a tiny hole in the ground.

Rock Stock Insider

Talking to Rob McEwan in August about how to create shareholder value from small mining companies.
(Source: Fat Tail Media)

So basically, here you have a guy who knows how to build a big, successful, valuable and profitable mining business from one single producing asset.

(He’s now into his second big ‘from scratch’ project, McEwen Mining.)

Rob understands the costs of mining probably as well as anyone else in the world. Which is pretty useful, since costs are typically big and unpredictable in this game.

I suspect what you’ll like most about Rob is the same thing I did: That he looks at a mining business from the point of view of ‘shareholder first’.

Even though he’s the CEO of his new business, his annual salary is just $1.

As he puts it: This is because he wants to align his financial reward with that of his investors.

Imagine more mining chiefs had
this kind of skin in the game!

Rob also likes Australia.

A lot.

From his one visit down here, he was impressed enough to tell me that he felt...

Australia was much more advanced than anywhere else in the world in terms of their geological modelling and their approach to contract mining.

You know what?

From all the conversations I’ve had, it’s clear that many overseas heavyweights are impressed with the quality of Australia’s mining assets — not just our geology, but also our infrastructure and expertise.

More on that in a moment.

Before that, let me finish up telling you who else you’ll hear from on The Golden Drive...

The last expert on my memory stick is probably the biggest ‘Australophile’ of them all. He’s also probably the biggest name of them all.

On top of that, he’s probably my closest friend of them all: Jim Rickards.

I’ve known Jim for almost five years now. And we’re not just contacts, we’re mates.

I find it SO surreal to think that this guy…whose quick thinking and deft negotiating skills practically saved the global economy from the effects of the 1997 Asian financial crisis…is someone who calls me up for a glass of Shiraz and a game of pool whenever he’s in Australia.

If you told me that 10 years ago, I’d have laughed you out of it!

Rock Stock Insider

Jim Rickards and I continuing a long-held tradition at Crown Casino in Melbourne, back in September.
(Source: Fat Tail Media)

Now, as is typical for a man with his level of access, Jim’s pretty discreet.

By that, I mean he chooses his confidantes carefully.

But he rarely holds back with me

I’m not talking about the kind of cable news fare you’ll hear from Jim on CNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg or TheStreet, Inc.

This is powerful information, usually just between him and I, to help me with my research.

But I cleared it with Jim that I could include one of our recent conversations, in full, on the USB drive.

I chose this particular one because it’s pretty explosive!

It centres around a recent behind-closed-doors meeting Jim had with a group of central bankers.

They told him that repeated interest rate cuts in developed countries don’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things (even though the mainstream press tends to fixate on them).

This is because when we talk about interest rates, we’re typically referring to nominal rates.

Nominal rates don’t take inflation into account.

Rock Stock Insider

Jim and I getting down to the serious business of gold, interest rates and the Fed. This conversation is on the USB stick.
(Source: Fat Tail Media)

Remember, Jim is an economist and a lawyer. So, he can see these things in a different dimension to you and me.

But here’s why this is important:

Nominal rates — says Jim — are still relatively high.

The real goal of the Federal Reserve (and this was confirmed for Jim by two Fed officials, off the record) is to bring down REAL interest rates.

You can hear Jim explain how that could happen — and what it might mean — on The Golden Drive.

In Jim’s words:

It makes forecasting easy when 
the central bankers tell you privately 
what they’re going to do.

And what’s Jim’s forecast?

Well, you can probably figure out that reduced real rates tend to be good for one asset in particular (hmmm, can you guess what that might be?).

But if you want Jim’s expert assessment and insight, direct from the source, you need to hurry up and get your name on one of these USB drives.

If you’re interested in gold...or thinking of diversifying...

...or you just want to know how to ‘buy before the boom’...

…you’ll be really glad you did this today.

Because let me tell you: This is the kind of top-level investment insight you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

For two reasons.

First, you don’t have access to these experts. That’s no disrespect to you. Hardly anybody does.

The other reason is that the mainstream media in Australia doesn’t really talk about gold...

...or even care all that much about gold.

But by the mid-point of next year, if I’m right about what’s coming...

They WILL be talking about gold.

In fact, I’m pretty sure a LOT of people will be.

And many will be screaming:


By then, though (with my help, if you want it), you’ll have already created — and enacted — your gold investment plan.

Which means you’ll be well positioned in the event that there is a sudden clamour for gold...the kind that creates a powerful tailwind behind the market.

Wouldn’t that be nice!

Most private investors — and we’ve seen this so many times — will only buy when they start hearing about gold on the six o’clock news.

But you and I both know that’s never the best time to get in.

Ideally you want to buy before the boom...

The only way to do this is if you have all the available information ahead of time. And a plan that you can execute quickly.

And guess what?

It’s all on this little gold USB stick that I want to send to you today.

The sooner you get it, the sooner you can plug it into your computer or laptop and start preparing your own gold investment strategy.

You should still be able to do this ahead of the big ‘mania’ boom that I believe is on the way.

The collective wisdom on this USB drive is extremely hard to put a price on. But it’s worth many times more than the cost of the memory stick itself, that I can tell you.

Just to be in the same room as some of these experts can often cost hundreds of bucks in airfares and hotel accommodation. And that’s before you buy a ticket to whatever event they’re speaking at.

Now, of course, wisdom is one thing.

But how do you turn wisdom into action?

Well, I can show you exactly how.

Because I want to send you a second resource today:

Details of what I believe are the five most promising gold investments on the Australian market right now.

Now, I know that lots of people will say that the best way to capitalise on a gold bull market is to buy physical gold, in the form of bullion or coins.

After all, it seems like the logical thing to do when the gold price is going up.

And don’t get me wrong...

This is a perfectly good
investment strategy

I mean, not only are you taking advantage of all that potential capital gain.

You’re also hedging against the effects of a possible market crisis...which is one of the reasons gold goes up in the first place.

I guess the only ‘downside’ to this investment approach (if you can call it that) is that you have to sit and wait patiently for higher gold prices.

But guess what?

Physical bullion isn’t the only asset that tends to rise in value in a gold boom.

If you really want to capitalise, you should also consider swiftly building a portfolio of...

  • Gold ETFs — these enable you to track the ‘paper’ price of gold in various markets with just one investment on the ASX.
  • Large-cap gold mining stocks — these are often positively correlated to the gold price, meaning the stocks typically perform well if gold goes up. And such shares — while not risk-free — tend to be pretty stable compared to other gold mining stocks on the market...
  • Small-cap gold mining stocks — in the form of explorers and producers. These can be ‘hyper-sensitive’ to the gold price. Meaning, they can jump up or down in response to small moves in the spot price...which typically makes them much riskier.

Obviously within this, you have to pick individual a way that aims to maximise your returns.

And that’s not easy. Nor is it risk-free. Gold mining stocks are speculative and can be highly risky. You need to be fully aware of that. And in fact, my research will guide you through how best to limit your risk.

Now I know full well that not everyone can do this kind of specific research. They don’t have the time, the knowledge, the expertise, or the confidence for that matter.

But I do.

And I’ve put it all into a brand-new report called (conveniently enough):

5 Gold Investments to Make Now

This report — which I’ll send to you, along with your USB stick — contains my specific gold investing plan to help you make the most of this third great bull market, before it gets into full swing.

In it, you’ll find five high-potential gold investment recommendations to get you started.

In my opinion, these five investments will give you a quick and solid foothold in a market that looks like it’s getting ready to explode...

Rock Stock Insider

...AND position you to do really well — in the event of a major run-up in the gold price.

Get this report, and you’ll learn all about...

  1. A small-cap gold explorer on the verge of turning an old 500,000-ounce site into a 1.18 million-ounce site in WA. Mining legend Eric Sprott recently dumped nearly two million bucks of his own money into this firm, such is its awesome potential...
  2. A mid-cap producer that just started pouring gold — also out in WA. This company is sitting on a confirmed 3.9 million-ounce resource — so its growth prospects look great in a bull market. But it also happens to be one of Australia’s cheapest gold miners, currently...
  3. A big gold producer that’s actually EXPLORING. This is a big deal. Most big gold miners leave the exploring to the little guys these days. But this Kalgoorlie-based miner has big plans...and already its gold reserves are up 32% this year through exploration. If this continues, the company’s share price could double in the next two years...
  4. A well-known large-cap Aussie gold miner that pays a’s one of the few that does, which is noteworthy enough. But I love this stock because not only is it one of the biggest gold miners in the world, it’s currently cashed up, has low costs, is on the lookout for takeover targets, and its share price has been beaten down recently, making it an absolute bargain right now, in my book...
  5. An ETF that tracks the gold price in Aussie dollars... Why not US dollars, you ask? Because the AUD has been so weak recently, any rise is likely to be higher and faster in response to the underlying asset price than a USD-based ETF. If you’re just looking to get quick exposure to a rising Aussie dollar gold price, this is the ETF you want.

Download your copy of ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’ today, and you’ll get the name and ticker symbol of each of these investments — meaning you can buy right away (which I think would be a wise move).

But not just that.

In the case of the four stocks, you’ll also get a detailed analysis of their operations, financial health and future prospects.

I’m biased, of course, but I think it’s a terrific way for someone who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge or time to take an informed position ahead of the big gold rush that is now looking inevitable.

In fact, if you ONLY buy these five investments, and nothing else, I believe you could do very well over the next 12–24 months.

You can get started quickly — today, if you choose — provided you get a copy of my new report, ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’.

I’ll send you a download link via email, as soon as I hear from you.

But don’t go anywhere for just a moment.

See, there’s something else I want you to have.

In fact, this could be the most valuable gift I could give you right now.

I’d like to give you a 30-day, no-obligation trial subscription to my brand-new gold and mining focused newsletter...

Rock Stock Insider

Yes, the big story this year has been gold.

And I’ve spent most of the last 12 months talking to gold industry insiders, mining CEOs, geologists, economists and ‘rock hounds’ about the best ways to profit from it.

That’s where my USB thumb-drive and gold ‘starter portfolio’ come in.

But — man, oh man — there’s so much more to tell you.

If you’re into gold...and want to know how to make money from really are in exactly the right place.

Not only is Australia the world’s second largest gold producer, we also have more known gold resources than any other country in the world.

Around 16% of all the gold on the planet is buried under our beautiful red Aussie earth.

Suffice it to say that the gold industry here is HUGE.

Rock Stock Insider

Here I am being shown around the ABC Bullion purifying and smelting factory in NSW by Global General Manager Nick Frappell (October 2019).
(Source: Fat Tail Media)

But not just that.

As I said earlier, it’s teeming with smart people, innovation, state-of-the-art technology and more.

Our world-class miners are worthy of investment, even when the market conditions aren’t all that favourable.

But in a bull now?

Believe me, there’s no better place to invest in gold than right here in Australia, right now.

And that’s what I want to help you do.

Or at least, that’s part of it.

There are around 200 gold-related stocks listed on the ASX.

And with gold looking like it’s getting ready to chase a new high as I write this, some of these companies are surely going to explode in value over the coming months.

Which ones?

Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it?

You’re spoiled for choice.

And when you’re staring at a long list of juniors or mid-term producers, they all start to look the same.

You need a critical eye. More than that. You need to know what you’re looking for on a balance sheet.

Even more than that, you need to be able to interpret geological surveys...ore-grade analyses...preliminary drilling reports and more.

And even more than need to know you can pick up the phone and call a trusted industry contact...someone in the know...someone who’ll give you that one key piece of insight that tells you this one’s a ‘go’ and that one isn’t.

That’s what I can do for you.

And if you want to know which gold stocks look good right now, well, several candidates leap to mind (aside from the ones I’ll send you in your ‘mini-portfolio’ report).

High praise for the
Shae Russell

I know Shae’s got a huge following in Australia. But trust me, she has a lot of fans in the United States, too.

We pay very close attention to what she’s doing. Shae combines the technical expertise, which you need, but with a very good in-depth knowledge of the individual mining companies.

The best advice I can give is listen to Shae Russell. She's the best.

Jim Rickards, September 2019

Some of our near-term producers look ripe for the picking.

And on the more speculative side, there’s a handful of small-cap explorers over in WA that could make you piles of money — IF they’re able to pull out what they say they’re sitting on.

Point is, it’s a super exciting time to be an Australian gold investor.

And that’s one of the reasons I’m launching a brand-new monthly investment newsletter, called Rock Stock Insider.

See, I believe this third great gold boom will support a wider resurgence of the mining sector in Australia (in fact, we’re seeing big signs of this already, as I’m about to show you).

Things are happening again. Mining is growing again. So it’s the perfect time to launch a newsletter that refocuses Aussie investors on this huge, home-grown opportunity.

Gold is the immediate play...but believe me, it won’t be the only one!

Of course, I know this begs the question...

Why mining?
And why now?

Well, as I’ve said many times in the past, this is Australia...we only really do two things:

  1. We sell houses to each other.
  2. We sell rocks to China.

Am I wrong?

OK, there IS the financial services sector.

But I see that industry as a sort of self-sustaining Ponzi ‘circle jerk’ that will — sooner or later — collapse under the weight of its own hubris.

(After a couple of bourbons, that description takes on a shorter and more distinctly ‘Anglo-Saxon’ form!)

What else?

We have an almost non-existent manufacturing sector.

And the Australian retail industry — at least in terms of bricks and mortar — looks to be in terminal decline.

Which means as an Aussie investor with money to spend, your choices — if you actually want to see a return — are pretty much limited to two:

  • CHOICE A: You can buy a house...and then hope to sell it for more money after you’ve done it up (provided market conditions are favourable). Maybe you could do that two to three times if you have the free cash flow.

-- Or --

  • CHOICE B: You can take advantage — right now — of our jewel in the crown...Australia’s resurgent, world-leading mining industry.

This is your genuine edge as an Aussie investor.

And you probably don’t even realise it...despite the fact that you most likely own one or more of the big mining stocks in your retirement fund anyway!

Fact is, there’s SO MUCH opportunity for a sector that contributes a vast amount to Australia’s GDP...

...a sector where we lead the world in innovation, management and expertise...

...a sector that’s growing.


You thought our mining industry 
was on its knees, didn’t you?

Wherever did you get that idea?!

The Aussie mining sector is FLYING at the moment. In fact, it’s doing better than ever.

  • We’ve just had a RECORD YEAR in terms of total mining exports. Natural resources accounted for 58% of the country’s total export revenue in 2018-2019. That’s more than ever before.
  • Several individual commodities also achieved all-time-high export records this year, including iron ore ($77 billion), coal ($69 billion), aluminium ($15.6 billion) and copper ($9.9 billion).
  • Iron ore also set a new record for a single month of exports in June with a colossal $9.5 billion.
  • Gold is another one. Annual export sales reached almost $12 billion — yet another all-time high.
  • Liquid natural gas (LNG) sales were up more than 50% year on year to reach almost $29 billion over the same period.
  • And the number of people employed — just in the WA mining industry alone — surged to 124,010, up from 112,008 in the previous period.

Just to be clear:

I’m talking about the 2018-2019 financial year.

These aren’t figures from the height of the mining boom in 2013.

And you thought our mining sector was in trouble?

You must be looking at different figures to me.

Australia’s mineral exports have actually DOUBLED over the last 10 years

And we’re supposed to be in the middle of a trade war!

This is great news for investors...because we’re starting to see these record exports being reflected in higher stock prices.

The ASX 300 Metals and Mining Index, for example, is up 14% year on year...

And as for individual mining stocks...between 1 January and 22 July this year, we’ve seen some absolute ripper returns...

  • Perth-based lithium miner Liontown Resources Limited [ASX:LTR] is up 488%.
  • WA miner Spectrum Metals Limited [ASX:SPX] is up 480%.
  • Mining services company PPK Group Limited [ASX:PPK] is up 380%.
  • Copper developer Hot Chili Limited [ASX:HCH] is up 314%.
  • WA-based energy minerals developer Walkabout Resources Limited [ASX:WKT] is up 304%.
  • NSW coal miner Atrum Coal Limited [ASX:ATU] is up 301%.
  • Iron ore exploration firm Fenix Resources Limited [ASX:FEX] is up 300%.
  • Laverton-based gold explorer Magnetic Resources NL [ASX:MAU] is up 251%.
  • Melbourne firm E2Metals Limited [ASX:E2M] is up 225%.
  • NSW-based Timah Resources Limited [ASX:TML] is up 211%.
  • Fremantle gold miner Bligh Resources Limited [ASX:BGH] is up 202%.

These gains all came inside of eight months from the beginning of this year.

OK...let’s not get too carried away here.

These are all small companies, where, frankly, you’d expect to find most of the growth in the industry during the good times.

And let’s be clear. There are many more Aussie mining firms, just like these, that haven’t done anywhere near this well for a whole host of reasons. To remind you, mining for natural resources is one of the riskiest endeavours in the country.

But my point is:

Does this look like a
dying industry to you?

Or does it look like THE TOTAL OPPOSITE?

And the best bit, as far as you’re concerned?

Very few outside of the mining industry seem to be talking about it...yet. At least as far as I can tell.

It’s weird. All of these metrics are on the up. And yet the mainstream media either hasn’t spotted it...doesn’t understand the significance of it...or doesn’t deem it ‘newsworthy’.


The secret to making money as an investor is to find something the market hasn’t spotted and buy before the market cottons on.

I believe you’re in that position right now.

The mining industry looks healthier than at any time since 2013.

I believe this HAS to be reflected in higher stock prices soon.

I mean, get this:

According to the latest trade report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, China — our largest export market — was the destination for a record 40% of Australia’s mineral exports in June 2019.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) says:

It was only a little over three years ago that China’s share of Australia’s monthly exports hit 30%... A decade ago it was just 20%.

Australia’s earnings from our trade relationship with China are soaring right now.

They shot up by 27% in the year to June 2019.

Again, ASPI reports: ‘That’s almost double the growth rate of other markets.

I’ll say it again:

There’s SO MUCH opportunity for investors a sector that’s QUIETLY GROWING.

And I can help you take advantage of it...before the boom...if you’ll let me!

For starters, when you order your USB stick and gold-starter portfolio today, you will be able to take a look at Rock Stock Insider for the next 30 days — with no obligation.

Now, maybe you’re thinking...

Why is Shae qualified to tell me which
gold and 
mining stocks are the best
— and which to avoid?

Let me quickly tell you a bit about me.

I used to be a derivatives consultant for a major Australian financial institution.

Then, about 10 years ago, I got into company and stock analysis, which I found way more interesting.

Now, you might think that looking at a balance sheet is boring. Fair comment. But I happen to love it.

I like to get a forensic read on the companies I analyse. Especially if I’m going to recommend them to ‘mum and dad’ investors.

That’s just part of what I do, though.

The other part — the biggest part — of what I do is network.

I’ve been active in the Australian mining industry for the best part of a decade now.

I’m on first-name terms with miners. Geologists. CEOs. Economists. Journalists. Dealers. Financial analysts. Market analysts. Drillers. Experts. (And more than a few industry ‘A-listers’, like I’ve already shown you.)

I’m not showing off here.

In the investment world, and in the mining industry specifically, being able to tap into this kind of network is absolutely priceless.

Here I am sharing a joke in Vancouver with Nomi Prins, who I told you about earlier...

Rock Stock Insider

Source: Fat Tail Media

Quite aside from her distinguished career on Wall Street, Nomi has written for The New York Times, Fortune, the New York Daily News, The Guardian and more.

She’s spoken at the Federal Reserve...the IMF...the World Bank...she’s even briefed the US Congress on Federal Reserve reform...

And she’s programmed into my phone!

Later on the day this picture was taken, Nomi and I had dinner together, sipped a few (deceptively strong) Canadian cocktails, and went and shot pool with Jim Rickards. (He’s pretty good, by the way. But then so am I!)

This is the calibre of contacts in my 
Rock Stock Insider network

I’m on a first-name basis with people like Jim and Nomi because, for the last 10 years, I’ve worked for a major  global underground financial publishing and research network, called The Agora.

Hardly anyone outside of the financial world has ever heard of our network — even though we’ve been around since 1979.

But we have over four million readers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

To put that into context for you, our readership is roughly the same size as The Wall St Journal and The Economist COMBINED.

It always surprises people when I tell them that.

But what it means is, because we reach so many private investors all over the world...and because we’re completely independent...these ‘one-percenters’ are a lot more inclined to talk freely to us.

And they do.

In the last couple of years alone, our network partners have worked with people of the quality of Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Robert Kiyosaki, George Gilder and Bill O’Reilly.

If you take a no-obligation look at my new service over the next 30 days, I will introduce you to many more of the mining insiders you could be hearing from regularly as the Aussie resource sector heats up again...

People like Andy Schectman, president of respected Minnesota-based bullion dealer Miles Franklin...

Rock Stock Insider

Source: Fat Tail Media

And Jordan Eliseo, Senior Investment Manager at the Perth Mint...

Rock Stock Insider

Source: Fat Tail Media

And Adrian Day, LSE-trained fund manager, author and global resource investing expert...

Rock Stock Insider

Source: Fat Tail Media

And Nikki Adshead-Bell — geologist, PhD and director of the Cupel Advisory Corp, with more than two decades of capital markets and minerals sector experience...

Rock Stock Insider

Source: Fat Tail Media

And Colorado-based bestselling investment author, publisher and speaker, Dan Denning...

Rock Stock Insider

Source: Fat Tail Media

And Cory Fleck, seasoned mining investment analyst for the US-based Korelin Economics Report...

Rock Stock Insider

Source: Fat Tail Media

And heaps more big, Googleable names — genuine industry experts with ideas, perspectives and takes on gold and the mining business that you’re unlikely to get anywhere else.

Even at the local level, believe me, you can learn way more about a mining company’s prospects from a two-minute conversation with its CEO in a convention centre lift...

...than you can spending an entire day poring over a 400-page annual report, full of company-approved spiel.

Yes, that means I get around a lot. But...

The point of this isn’t to rack up air miles

And it’s not to acquire more celebrity Facebook friends.

I do this because it’s the single best way to acquire hard intel on the BEST and BRIGHTEST mining investment prospects in Australia...

...and share that intel with you before it’s spotted by the mainstream.

That way, you’ll have the opportunity to invest in these prospects before other investors catch on.

That’s a big part of my goal here — to give you an edge in the help you ‘buy before the boom’.

But I also want to bring you the most exciting and potentially valuable breaking stories in the mining sector. Information that could help you do some seriously exciting, ahead-of-the-curve planning.

Join Rock Stock Insider today and I’ll tell you all about:

  • Who JP Morgan is secretly amassing large amounts of silver for...
  • How you could boost your gold buying silver...
  • Why gold priced in Aussie dollars could be about to be driven up further by private wealth...
  • Why silver, lead and zinc investors should be taking a serious look at Mexico right now...
  • The hidden copper supply crisis: How electric vehicles are very likely to cause a price spike when people realise that each car requires a whopping four kilometres of copper wire...
  • Why offline mines in Brazil are good news for resource investors in Australia
  • The bond market death trap: Inside the deadly game of ‘greater fool chicken’ that could destroy everything...

My network has taken a long time to build.

But I now know who to call first to get the real story — and the best investment angle — when rumours start flying around about a new mining development.

That gives me the ability to do the kind of granular research others in my industry just aren’t doing.

You know who I’m talking about: Big on promise. Small on delivery. The spiel sounds great. The returns — not so great.

Easy to point the finger, I know.

So what about MY returns? Are they any better?

Let me put it this way.

In order to give more of my time and energy to Rock Stock Insider, a passion project of mine, I reluctantly handed over the reins of another investment service to a dear friend and colleague in the Agora network.

At the time of the handover, my readers were in a pretty healthy position.

Check this out:

Rock Stock Insider

Source: Fat Tail Media

This is a snapshot of my full service portfolio at the time I launched Rock Stock Insider (yes, warts and all).

I’m not going to go into each individual recommendation, because the majority of these are still live positions.

That’s why I’ve redacted them. I couldn’t name them even if I wanted to.

But in a nutshell:

Of the 11 open positions at the
time of launching
Rock Stock Insider,
NINE are in the money

These open gains include:

  • 84% from a mining tech firm
  • 137% from a NSW-based gold miner
  • 132% from an Aussie ship-building company
  • 31% from a gold mining ETF

Just two stocks are down (and, as you can see, by nowhere near as much).

Now, not many analysts will show you their FULL portfolio — winners AND losers.

But if we’re going to be working together, I think it’s important to give you full transparency when it comes to stuff like this.

At the very least, I hope you can see how seriously I take my work.

Rock Stock Insider

Jim and I on a river boat cruise during
a mining industry gathering in Canada earlier this year.
(Source: Fat Tail Media)

Yes, I do the balance sheet stuff.

And I have a really good stock-screening system that has served me well over the years.

But I put in the kilometres, too. You just have to in this game. And when I’m not on the road, I’m clamped to my phone, or I’m on Skype.

I’m telling you, there’s a buzz around the mining industry right now that I haven’t seen since the heady days of 2013.

All my analysis tells me that we’re starting to see the re-emergence of one of our biggest and most famous investment booms of all time.

And I want to help you take advantage of it, before everyone else piles in.

Will you let me?

Then scroll down now and click where it says: ‘Send My USB Drive’.

Complete the short form on the next page.

I will immediately send you:

  • A Gold USB thumb-drive, containing one of the most valuable repositories of gold investing intelligence currently available anywhere in Australia...worth, by my analysis, THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. This will arrive in the post in the next few days...
  • A report titled ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’, which shows you a quick way to construct a gold investment portfolio to make the most of this coming ‘mania market’. I will send a download link to you the moment I confirm your order today...
  • PLUS, you will get a 12-month subscription to Rock Stock Insider (on a 30-day, no-obligation trial basis — meaning you can walk away in the next month and not owe me a cent...and you can keep the USB stick AND the report).

What do I want from you in return?

Well, I thought long and hard about what to charge for access to my new gold and mining investment service.

I thought about my time — in the office...on the road...and on the phone.

I thought about my expertise. My experience. My stock-screening system. And my access to this elite group of mining insiders.

Where else can you — as an Australian private investor — get all of this?

Not from your regular broker, or IFA, that’s for sure.

The number I kept coming back to was $299 a year.

And to be honest, that felt cheap to me. Especially when you consider that some Australian brokers and dealers charge that for TWO HOURS of their time.

Now, I’m not saying $299 a year is the ‘official’ price, or anything like that. But it certainly reflects the value of everything I’ve told you about today.

To be honest, the gold portfolio is — in my view — worth that on its own.

This is something that could position you perfectly to take advantage of what looks like a major new bull market in the yellow metal.

The recommendations in my new report will help you get access to this expected upside in FIVE different ways over the coming months.

Again, you’re unlikely to get this kind of research anywhere else.

No-one I know of has the contacts I do, and the experience I have.

But anyway, when I thought about it I realised: This is a brand-new service. Which means the risks are greater — for both of us.

So, after talking it over with my publisher, we agreed to let you have access to everything we’ve just talked about for just $49.

$49 — let’s be fair — is insane.

And that’s why this super-cheap introductory deal is ONLY available to you right now, through this page.

Scroll down, click where it says ‘Send My USB Drive’ and you can take this deal right away.

Just so we’re clear: $49 is the price for your initial subscription only.

If you decide to renew at the end of your term, that will be at the higher price of $99 a year.

By then, of course, I’m hoping you’ll appreciate the full value of being a member of this unique investment service.

And while I’m on the subject of value, when you order today...

You’ll also get these
FOUR bonus reports...

at NO extra charge:

  • BONUS REPORT 1: The Ultimate Bullion Buyer’s Guide. In this first special report, I share the details of what I believe is the perfect physical gold portfolio for people with $1,000, $2,000 or $10,000 to invest. I’ll also dive into gold’s important role in the history of money, how that history could be about to repeat, and what that might mean for the gold price...

Rock Stock Insider

  • BONUS REPORT 2: The Best Way for Australians to Buy, Sell and Store Gold. In this second report, I’ll show you how and where to buy physical gold in Australia. I’ll reveal the lowest cost ways to get exposure to gold in a bull market. And I’ll explain whether bars or coins make the better investment for beginners. Finally, I’ll show you a handful of simple ways to store your physical gold safely.

Rock Stock Insider

  • BONUS REPORT 3: The Australian’s Guide to Gold’s New Bull Market. In your third bonus report, I’ll talk you through a gold investment strategy called the ‘Aussie gold quadrants’. Then I’ll reveal how to build what I call your ‘personal gold standard’... After that, I’ll show you how you could magnify your gold gains by potentially three, five or even TEN times over by the time this gold bull market has run its course.

Rock Stock Insider

  • BONUS REPORT 4: Three Strategic Resources to Buy and Hold for the Next Decade. Your fourth bonus report looks at how a specific cluster of minerals have recently become politically and strategically significant. And how taking a stake in the companies that mine them now could prove to be an astute move — especially as the trade war plays out over the coming months.

Rock Stock Insider

Let me just show you what all that looks like...

Rock Stock Insider

All this — more than $299 worth of value — is yours, right now, for just $49.

Thinking about it?

What’s there to think about?

If you’re already ‘sold’ on the upcoming opportunities in the gold market...

...if you agree with me that the Australian resources industry is shaping up to be a great place (maybe the only place) to make a big return on your money in the next 12 months and beyond...

...if you like the idea of having access to the kind of A-list mining industry experts it would ordinarily cost you hundreds, maybe thousands, of bucks to get in the same room as...

...and you like the idea of getting access to all of this valuable investing intelligence for just $49...

Then your decision today is easy.

But let me make it even easier for you...

Get a full refund in the next 30 days

OK, here’s what to do now.

Click below where it says: ‘Send My USB Drive’.

Choose one of the subscription options on the next page, and fill out your details.

Get your gold memory stick, plug it into your computer and watch the videos.

Download your bonus reports.

Read all my research on the hottest gold and mining stocks in Australia.

Judge me by whatever criteria you like.

  • If you get cold feet...or change your mind...
  • If you can’t see my gold recommendations making you money...
  • If you’re not bowled over by my research...and you don’t buy my argument about a resurgent mining sector...

Call my member services team in the next 30 days and you can have your money back.

No cancellation or administration fee. No penalties. And no questions asked. I’ll just put the money straight back onto your card.

You can keep all the resources I’ve just told you about — the reports, the USB stick, the lot — even if you cancel.  

What do you reckon — fair?

To remind you — for just $49 today...

You will get ALL THIS

Rock Stock Insider

Yes, that’s an awful lot of value, for not a lot of money.

But this is a big deal for me.

A passion project, yes. Passion for the best and most exciting industry in the greatest country on Earth.

I want to share that passion with you.

And I want to share the opportunity you have for incredible wealth generation, right here in Australia, over the coming months and years.

First, in the gold market...and then, beyond that, as our awesome country continues to supply the building blocks for economic growth all over the world.

My hope in letting you have access to all of this, for the tiny commitment of $49, is that some of this passion rubs off on you. And if I can help you make money in the coming gold boom, too — well, hopefully you’ll stick around.

I hope you take me up on this.

And I hope you do it now.

Because all it takes is for private investors to switch on the evening news...and hear how mining exports are ‘soaring’... share prices are ‘rising’...and interest in our industry is ‘picking up again’...

Trust me — if this happens — they’ll start buying up armfuls of mining shares like it’s 2013.

As we saw back then, it doesn’t take much for cheap, high-potential mining investments to quickly become overpriced and out of reach.

So take the next step right now. Get ahead of them. And get ahead of the boom. I just know you’ll be glad you did.

Click the link now and let’s get started...


Shae Russell Signature

Shae Russell,
Editor, Rock Stock Insider

PS: Still undecided? Read this…

Quick answers to help you
make up your mind...

My goal for Rock Stock Insider is to help you invest successfully in some of the most exciting mining stocks on the Australian market — investments many people never get to hear about.

I’ve developed this FAQs section because I believe in accountability, honesty and transparency — about what I do and how I do it.

Please have a read.

I’m sure it will address any concerns you have.

If there’s still something you’d like to know, please send an email to

What will you send me?

You will receive The Golden Drive — a USB stick — in the post. It will be shaped like a 1kg gold bullion bar.

When you receive it, just plug it into your computer and follow the simple instructions to access the content.

You will get a copy of my new investor briefing: ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’.

You’ll get names...ticker symbols...a description of who they are...what they do...and my analysis of their potential and the key risks associated with them.

I will also email you the links to download PDF copies of these bonus reports:

  • The Ultimate Bullion Buyer’s Guide...
  • The Best Way for Australians to Buy, Sell and Store Gold...
  • The Australian’s Guide to Gold’s New Bull Market...
  • And Three Strategic Resources to Buy and Hold for the Next Decade.

In addition, you get a 30-day, no-obligation trial subscription to my investment newsletter, Rock Stock Insider.

All of this for just $49 today.

Is this a scam?

No. I’m real. My publisher is real. We’re part of a publishing group that’s been around since 1979.

Our business is regulated in Australia by ASIC. I am a fully accredited stock analyst, which means I’m able to give general investment advice in Australia.

Some people will no doubt be wondering if Rock Stock Insider is a ‘pump and dump’ scheme...or whether I’m ‘front-running’ stocks.

No. Absolutely not.

Aside from the fact that I have professional integrity, it is completely against the rules for me to invest in any of the companies I recommend.

If I did that, my employment would be terminated, and I could end up in prison.

I get that people are sceptical. If you are, please read my newsletter over the next month of your complimentary subscription.

You’ll quickly see that this is the real deal.

What guarantees can you offer me?

No one can guarantee you success in the markets. If someone offers you this, run a mile.

The stock market is uncertain. There are always risks involved when you buy mining shares, and you should never invest more than you can safely afford to lose.

All I can do is provide the best defence against that uncertainty: Meticulous research.

I know an awful lot about the mining companies I recommend.

And I obsessively monitor every new development in their story.

What types of shares will you recommend?

I recommend many different kinds of Australian mining shares.

Some are tiny, publicly traded companies that have a market capitalisation of between $50 million and about $500 million. These may be small explorers.

I also recommend mid-sized producers with great potential, and larger-cap resource shares — established businesses that pay a dividend. In addition, I sometimes tip ETFs or recommend you acquire a holding of physical commodities — typically precious metals — depending on the fundamentals and the market conditions.

I will always remind you of this added risk whenever I recommend any investment.

How long will I have to wait to see results?

It depends…

Small-cap miners are volatile and can jump up and down very quickly in response to an announcement.

So, some of the stocks I tip could rocket up within a few weeks. Others could take months.

And some are longer-term plays — typically those that are linked to a bigger or more disruptive idea.

While I’m extremely fastidious in my research, you must understand that not every share I tip will go up (I wish!). Some will go down. That’s the nature of the stock market, and the resources markets in general.

What are the risks?

Smaller stocks tend to be much riskier than blue chips because they are hyper-sensitive to news and announcements.

The value of these stocks can jump up rapidly but can fall back just as rapidly.

All investments that are linked to an underlying asset are subject to changes in the price of that asset.

In other words, if you are holding the stock of a silver miner and the silver price crashes, your holding is at risk of falling in value too.

And there’s the risk that I’m wrong about all of this. I don’t believe I am, but I also don’t have a crystal ball.

I base my views on deep research and access to a network of experts who know a lot about mining and resources.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to be right every time.

In other words, never invest more that you could comfortably afford to lose on any one recommendation.

How do I know that you have
my best interests at heart?

I have your best interests at heart because our interests are completely aligned.

I only make money if people subscribe to my newsletter.

People will only subscribe — and stay subscribed — if they like the research and make money from the tips.

If you don’t make money, you will unsubscribe.

If enough people unsubscribe, my newsletter closes…and I lose my job.

Therefore, it’s in my interests to provide excellent research that makes you money!

What if I get stuck?

Don’t panic!

When you join Rock Stock Insider, you’ll receive phone access to our member services team, plus an email address where you can ask any questions related to your subscription (although we can’t give personal investment advice).

Be clear: I want this to work for you. I want you to make a tonne of money from my mining stock recommendations.

And I want my service to be easy for you to follow so that it doesn’t take up too much of your time — or fill your head with stress — every time you buy a mining stock.

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