Shae Russell just pulled the trigger on her trade
of the year. The title of her write-up on it is
This Thing Prints Cash’. And in it she asks:

Will this 40 cent stock be the next one to pop in this ‘all boats lifting’ gold bull market?

Dear Reader,

Gold stocks have outperformed big-time this year.

They’ve outpaced big tech and pretty much everything else during the coronavirus.

Some heavy hitters like US based gold miner, Newmont have doubled over the past year.

I’ll explain why this is happening below (it’s more than just a macro hedge against the global economy unravelling…).

And I’ll show you why I expect this outperformance to continue well into next year, and maybe beyond.

Put simply: If you’re going to be in the stock market, I think you’re CRAZY not to be building a portfolio of miners now.

The big ones. The mid-tiers.

And…if you have stomach for the extra risk…the tiny explorers.

But it’s the latter category I want to focus on here.

Legendary billionaire resources investor Rick Rule just announced we’re entering a new phase in this ‘lifting all boats’ gold boom.

I 100% agree.

He says (my emphasis added):

In the gold space, the physical metal price will move first, then large cap miners, then mid-tier producers, then junior producers, and lastly the exploration sector…’

This guy has been described as ‘the most successful broker of natural resource investments ever.

And I think he’s absolutely bang on the money here again.

I think RIGHT NOW…going into June/July/August…you’re finally going to see the much-touted small-cap explorer boom I’ve been predicting and writing about all year.

The point where the record-high gold prices we’ve seen finally filter through to the little guys. The minnows. The explorers with small share prices but HUGE upside potential.

It’s time for them to start getting a piece of the gold boom action.

And the best time for you to buy them is before they start popping.

This is starting to unfold, right now, so your window here may be narrowing.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a wave of capital raisings among the juniors.

They’re filling their explorations war chests.

Trust me, they see what’s coming…

Placement and share purchase plans have followed.

You’re seeing an uptick in great finds being reported in the media.

The juniors are expanding their land footprints in a bigger way than they have in years.

Everything I’ve predicted for months is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

Based on this activity, June/July 2020, I believe, could potentially go down in the annals of history in terms of junior gold mining stock ‘pops’.

You’ve seen the headlines about how hard it is right now to get your hands on the physical stuff.

It’s damn near impossible to buy gold, or silver, even at the Perth Mint.

You can feel the Australian and global economies hurtling towards a great depression. The news almost seems to get worse by the hour

Do you know what, historically, junior gold mining stocks have done in conditions similar to this?

If you don’t, I’m going to show you.

But before we get to that, there’s something more urgent.

I’ve just spotted a big, fat,
undiscovered nugget in the pan…

And I just put an urgent buy recommendation on it.

If any gold junior listed on the ASX (and there are dozens) has ‘pop’ potential over the next two months, it’s these guys.  

And here’s what’s cool…

There are more ‘gold stock prospectors’ on the prowl right now than in as long as I can remember.

Over the last few years, presenting at mining conferences, it felt like I almost had the stage to myself.

Not anymore.   

There’s more column inches now.

Gone are the days (quite recent days) where most juniors were considered ‘penny dreadfuls’.

Tenements are being snatched up.

Exploration successes are being shouted from the rooftops.

The Motley Fool-type publications are churning out gold stock articles.

And yet…

Despite the frantic action on the gold scene in May, THESE guys have managed to stay at least a little bit under the radar.

It’s a risky stock — very risky, obviously.

It’s an $82 million operation.

All gold stocks are risky. The juniors even more so.

No guarantees. You could lose some or all of your investment.

But if you’re one of the rare people out there who has the constitution for risk-taking in this bonkers world we now find ourselves in…

…this could turn out to be one of the smartest stock market gambles you ever take.

Let me quickly tell you a bit about this company…

When you think of the Pilbara,
what comes to mind?

Perhaps giant yellow Caterpillar trucks with a rust-coloured dirt in the back. And names like Rio Tinto, BHP or even Twiggy Forrest.

For decades, it’s been considered iron ore-rich. It has the stuff we need to sell to China.

Yet, it’s only in recent years that the Eastern Pilbara Craton has become known for something else: Gold.

Of course, prospectors have known about this area for years. As trucks loaded with iron ore have rolled out, locals have spent decades there searching for gold nuggets.

And from what I hear, they’d rather we didn’t know about their secret desert riches. The same could be said for the company I just put an urgent buy on…

Look, I’m going to annoy a few readers here by saying outright:

I’m not going to give you the company’s name in this public forum.

I’m not going to give you any more identifying details than what I’ve given you already, either.

That would be unfair to my paid readers.

I’ve arranged for you, though, to try my gold stock trading service on a 100% no-obligation basis for the first 30 days.

So if you wish, you can subscribe right now, get the full write-up and then just refund.

It wouldn’t be the classiest of moves.

But that will be up to you.

For now, I hope you’ll respect the fact that I don’t reveal all the research here that my subscribers have paid for.

I’ll give you a link that will start your no-obligation trial period…and lead you straight to the stock write-up…later on.

In any case…

I’ve told you it’s a junior looking for gold in the Pilbara.

I’ve even told you the stock price and the market cap.

Cyber-sleuths will be able to Google some candidates pretty quickly.

But you won’t get my strategy for playing this stock...

…and discover the crazy stuff I’ve uncovered about it…

The way this explorer’s CEO talks about a recent find, it’s incredibly exciting .

In fact, he’s so confident of the possible riches lurking beneath, I reckon he went a little off script in a recent company presentation.

But that’s a good thing.

Because there are exciting things happening for this company.

And I’ve just put an URGENT buy recommendation on it because I think some huge news is coming.

This project has all the words I like to hear.

Strike open ended’.

Only drilled to 200m’.

Open at depth’.

Produce now, extend later’.

It’s operating in an EXCEEDINGLY remote patch.


…while it’s looking…it has a production schedule in place too.

It’ll be up and pouring the doré bars in less than two years.

That’s right. We’ve found ourselves a near-term producer whose exploration story isn’t over.

Simply: These guys have POP potential written all over them.

That’s all I’m going to say here publicly.

No more.

If you want the full research report — and to see why the CEO recently went off script and used the words ‘print cash’ — you’ll need to take a look at my resource stock trading service.

You’ll get the full write-up there, including all the risks you need to know about to make an informed decision.

And, as I say, you can do so with the assurance that we will refund you, IN FULL, within the first 30 days if you request it.

I’ve got no problem with that.

Now, the gold explorer stock game is most definitely NOT for everyone.

So get the write-up…check out all the current buy tips…and look at my research archive. Take some time over 30 days to see if this suits you. If not, get a refund of the subscription fee.


I’ll give you the link that shows you how to do that soon.

First, I just want to expand a bit more on this rare
gold window that’s opening. This doesn’t happen often…

Look at this chart…

Source: Casey Research

You’re looking at what they call the ‘granddaddy’ of gold bull markets.

The red line is what stocks did.

The yellow line is what gold did.

What you’re seeing in the chart above is, essentially, a global panic.

The catalyst for gold mania in the chart above was when the Arab OPEC cartel banned the export of oil to the United States.

That was the granddaddy gold bull ‘panic point’.

I wasn’t around when that happened.

But I’ve heard the stories from those who were there. Almost overnight, oil prices went stratospheric and Western nations went into hysteria.

Between 1967 and 1979, the price of petrol skyrocketed.

People stockpiled petrol then like they stockpiled toilet paper a few weeks ago.

The media hysterics were the same too.

‘Dark’ Christmas trees.

‘No driving’ days.

‘Don’t be fuelish’ was an advertising slogan.

You wouldn’t have the Mad Max films without that 1970s apocalyptic zeitgeist.

Bottom line:


They envisaged the end of the world. They panicked. They hoarded. They fought.

And evidenced by the gold price chart above, they bought gold.

Feel any similarities here?

That panic pulsed through the mid- to late-1970s, and while it did all major stock indexes flatlined.

But a ferocious gold bull market took place in the background…

While all this was going on, gold mining stocks rose an AVERAGE of 652%.

(Yes, an average.)

As the S&P returned a drab 22%.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average did even worse, gaining just 4.8%.

4.8%! For 10 years in the market!

In the 1970s, your average gold stock investor did 125 times better.

But that was just your average investor.

What if you’d taken a bit more risk…been a bit more selective and a bit more SPECULATIVE…and bought some of the smaller gold explorers that did better than average?

If you did that, you would have watched your portfolio value rise exponentially.

Like this…

A screenshot of a cell phone  Description automatically generated

That’s the gold price itself.

But how did that translate into some of the speculative gold stock gains?

During the mania, or ‘blow-off’ stage of that boom alone, in 1979 and 1980, many gold miners became 10-baggers (1,000% or more).

Here’s a chart of just some of those giant price hikes, compiled by Casey Research:

Source: Casey Research

Clearly, as the old saying goes, performance does not guarantee future gains.

But still, look hard at those percentages.

An average gain for early investors who sold at the peaks of 2,313.7% over just two years.

With one of those plays, Copper Lake, breaching 13,000% in that 24-month period.

Of course, not all gold miners experienced such gains. But keep in mind: Those returns in the table above are real (excluding trading costs).

And the chart above is by no means comprehensive.

Casey Research put it together after microfiche research in The Wall Street Journal, as well as info from ‘Scott Hunter of Haywood Securities; Larry Page, then-president of the Manex Resource Group; and the dusty archives at the Northern Miner.

It’s very hard to get non-electronic data from that period. Especially on the junior explorers.

So, we could assume there could have been even more outsized gains made in that two-year period that have been lost to time.

This is what can happen in the
‘mania’ phase of a gold bull market

As I’ve said — and Rick Rule agrees — I think we’re moving into this stage again now.

A mania that could well rival the ‘granddaddy’ gold rush of the 1970s.

And I want to show you how to pick the right stocks to trade it.

Central banks have already gone 'nuclear' with money printing and stimulus packages. 

This will just be the beginning. 

A tsunami of fake money is coming. 

As our friend Tom Dyson from Postcards From the Fringe states: 

'We're witnessing the collapse of the monetary world order...'

But the gold price is steadily rising. Not in a straight line though. There have been pullbacks as investors have covered margins on REALLY bad days for stocks.

But the comparison speaks for itself.

This is gold…

Source: Business Insider

This is stocks… (the S&P 500)

Source: Business Insider

It’s not just risk aversion, though. That’s the simple explanation.

This gold bull market was well underway before the coronavirus.

But my contention is this…

The reaction of governments and central bankers to the global pandemic could be the thing that propels the next phase of this bull market:

The mania phase.

And that means — if you’re a speculator — you should be thinking about your next move...

Only a few times in history has a certain type of stock gone up so high…so fast…than in the mania phase of the 1970s granddaddy gold boom.

As I’ll show in this report, things are setting up in a VERY similar way right now. 

That’s why I’m on the prowl — right now — for gold explorers and producers that are best positioned to get swept along for the ride.

This could be your window. 

It I think that it’s unlikely to stay open long.

Which stocks should you target and at what prices?

Well, we’ve already talked about my latest pick.

Seriously, if you were going to make JUST ONE punt on this premise, I’d make it those guys.

  • They have identified resources. (In fact, as you’ll see, their discovered gold pot is beyond impressive for a company their size. And with the planned exploration on the cards, I anticipate that will only increase.)
  • They’re not at the EXTREME end of the risk spectrum. Yes, like all junior minors, they are risky and speculative, but this is not a one cent punt. However, we aren’t dealing with a tiny exploration stock that is literally just a man and a shovel. They have cash. But, at the same time, they have EXTREME resource discovery potential. You’ll see what I mean.
  • They have a great team. Broad. That was my first thought after assessing the team. There’s a wide variety of skills at the top level. Initially I was taken aback by the number of people on the board of such a relatively small company (there’s seven). But you’ll see why that doesn’t bother me…

And finally…

  • I think there’s huge news coming I DO NOT KNOW THIS. To be abundantly clear, I have no information from private sources. But given what I’ve found on them myself while tracking them…and given that the aeromagnetics and more geophysics will be available soon…I expect a resource increase as they learn more about the fault lines around them.

I could be wrong.

But I believe there are big surprises ahead.

And that there is a chance that, if you buy, you could be rewarded handsomely in a year’s time.

Let me be clear though:

This is NOT about protecting your wealth with a safe-haven asset as the world goes to hell in a handbasket.

Although, in all honesty, that’s still a good move.

Gold is designed to weather central bank manipulation.

And to maintain your purchasing power as fiat currencies change in value.

I speak to a lot of smart people in finance around the globe. Many hold the belief that we’re going to see gold soar in value against coronavirus-caused market gyrations. And against central bank and government market manipulations.

But I’m not writing to you today about wealth defence.

This is about going on the OFFence.

It’s an invitation to speculate on a handful of risky, small gold mining stocks that — with history as our guide — could stand to benefit most from the mania phase of a gold bull market.

It’s a trading opportunity.

For traders.

You shouldn’t think about putting a cent into the stocks I’m recommending that you can’t afford to say goodbye to, if I’m wrong and this thing fizzles out. You could lose some or all of your investment.

The stocks I’m going to tell you about represent a leveraged punt on the gold price.

See, whatever gold does, a well-selected gold stock could do in magnitudes.

THAT’S why they can make you such insane returns at the hysterical, everyone’s-getting-in phase of a gold boom.

You need to look for lean, mean operations.

Miners with a really cheap cost-per-ounce.

As the gold price gets stronger — and we transition from the investment stage we’re in now into full-blown mania — positive sentiment feeds through.

First, the big producers start to etch higher in price.

Then the developers.

And then the tiny explorers on the tail end.

THAT’S where you could see the kind of mania stock gains that can stun an entire dinner table of people into silence — if you’re the bragging type!

But be clear…we’re talking about the riskiest stocks on the market here.

Your eyes need to be fully open to that.

These stocks can get hammered — even sometimes when the gold price is rising!

Sometimes it’s a liquidity issue, especially with micro-cap gold plays.

Some of them have very thin liquidity. A very limited number of shares available to buy and sell on any one day.

A company with only 100,000 daily traded shares might get more hammered in a market selloff than a company that has a million daily traded shares.

So, you might see a company lose 30% in value…but only from 10 transactions.

Whereas, you might own a bigger stock that’s down 10%…but caused by 200 transactions.

So that’s a risk you need to be aware of.

The very small miners have less of a cushion to absorb the impact of wider market corrections.

But, on the flipside…

They have the potential to go up MAGNITUDES higher than their mid-cap and large-cap counterparts when gold mania takes hold.

If history repeats, they could move tens of dollars for every one-dollar move in gold.

Take the 1990s gold bull…

As that decade kicked off, the 1978/79 ‘granddaddy’ mania was a distant memory.

But The Market Oracle takes up the story from there...

‘…Another series of gold discoveries in the mid-1990s set off one of the most stunning bull markets in the current generation.

Companies with big discoveries included Diamet, Diamond Fields, and Arequipa…

By the summer of ’96, these discoveries had sparked another bull cycle, and companies with little more than a few drill holes were selling for $20 a share.

The average producer more than tripled investors’ money during this period.

Once again, these gains occurred in a relatively short period of time, in this case inside of two years.

Here’s how some of the small-fry players performed…

Source: Casey Research

That average return of close to 4,000% (!!!) tops that of the late 1970s.

Now, that assumes you bought at the right time and sold at the peak. Clearly you’re not always going to do that. But even if you just captured a portion of those gains, you’d be sitting pretty.

And, of course, not all gold miners notched gains like that. You get average gains and losers, even in a bull market. A bull market is not a guaranteed ticket to bumper gains. You need to be very selective if you want to identify stocks before their mania phase. 

And while there’s no guarantee of a similar performance in the future, you can see how much money you could have made here if you bought and sold at the right time.

So what’s my point here?

It’s that gold mania phases like the 1970s granddaddy gold bull…as well as the one in the mid-1990s…are exceedingly rare.

But they can be FORTUNE MAKERS. If you anticipate them. And play them correctly.

So, if there’s even a tiny whiff of one brewing once more…don’t you think you should at least look into it?

This is precisely why I’m writing to you now.

I have a strategy for playing this anticipated ‘mania’ phase of the gold bull market — and I’m keen to share it with you, if you’re interested...

Before we get to the nuts and bolts, a quick introduction...

My name is Shae Russell.

I’m Editor of The Daily Reckoning Australia.

I’m a fully accredited Australian investment analyst. A writer, speaker and trader. I’m also a long-term holder of gold and gold investments.

Source: Fat Tail Media

Here I am speaking recently at the Gold & Alternative Investments Conference in Sydney.

I was there to give a keynote on how to analyse tiny gold stocks. Something I’ve been doing for the best part of 10 years.

That was last October. Even then the auditorium was packed. And people were frothing about gold’s resurgence. None of us, however, predicted where we are in March 2020…

Really, who could???

Before we go any further, let me tell you what I’m NOT going to cover in the rest of this report.

I’m not going to waste any more time here talking about coronavirus…the global financial system…or even how high the gold price might go.

You can read my Daily Reckonings for all that. Or find multiple opinions on the internet. (The ‘fair value’ of gold could rise to US$7,166, according to Charlie Morris, my colleague at The Fleet Street Letter in London.)

I’m not even going to make a solid prediction on WHEN this mania phase might begin…how long it might last…or how big it could be.

I don’t claim to know the timing. I’m not saying it will happen next week or next month.

What we DO KNOW…as a cold hard fact…is that every gold bull market in history has ended in a mania phase — when the yellow metal rose against ALL paper currencies at the same time…and when some gold mining stocks went crazy.

That happens at the final stage of every bull market.

And we’re in a gold bull market right now.

I’m going to assume from here on that you’re in broad agreement about the above premise.

That you’re a speculator. That you accept the risks involved in investing in such volatile stocks.

And you’re curious

If this really IS going to be a mania that rivals the ‘granddaddy’ boom of the 1970s…what kind of stocks should you be buying now for the potential returns you’ve seen above, in the space of a few years?

Even in an all-boats-rise scenario — you
want to own the best boats
. So, what ARE

the best speculative boats to own right now?

Alright. Let’s get stuck in.

There are three ways to buy gold right now.

One is for safety. Bars and coins, allocated and unallocated accounts, etc.

I’m a huge advocate for gold as safety… I think everybody should own a small portion of physical gold. I’m a big gold buyer, and I believe it’s smarter than ever to own some bullion at this point.

But that ain’t what we’re talking about here.

The second is for investors.

Gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) are an option there. Australia launched the first gold ETF. It’s an easy way to get exposure to gold on the financial markets. If you want to do that with what you might call lesser risk, by all means do so.

The third option is for pure speculators. The risk takers.

And what follows concerns that third category only.

Small- and micro-cap gold shares.

Tiny gold deposit developers and intrepid little explorers.

These stocks can have an amplified ‘built-in leverage’ to the gold price.

In a gold mania phase, often any developer or explorer, good or even average, tends to get caught up in the hysteria.

But what you want to do is target companies with an edge.

An X-factor.

The best boats in an all-boats-rising market.

Let’s have another look at how those boats floated in the last gold stock mania — the end of the gold bull that ran from 2001 to 2007.

The investor phase of that bull market started in mid-2004, as you can here.

Again, look at the journey gold goes on here, all the way through the investor and mania phases of this window.

Between January 2004 and February 2008, gold went up 133%.

So, had you bought three grand’s worth of physical gold at the time and sold at the high, you could have turned it into $6,990 (excluding associated costs). Again, not too shabby. But now check this out.

Inspired by this exact same move in the gold price, many micro-cap gold stocks went on a crazy run.

Aquiline Resources went up 10,309%...

NovaGold Resources jumped up an unbelievable 11,533%...

While Seabridge Gold rocketed up a mind-bending 29,644%.

Not all gold stocks experienced such gains. But say you’d invested a thousand dollars in each of these three plays, so three grand in total, and sold at the highs...

You walk away from the second gold window with an incredible $515,860 (excluding trading costs).
That’s from trading just THREE gold micro-cap stocks that have this ‘built-in leverage’ to the mania phase of the gold price.

And that’s just outright owning the stock.

No CFDs or options or any other complicated derivatives here.

These trading gains are possible because of two things:

  • The stocks in question are TINY.
  • They are stocks positively geared to the gold price in a MANIA market where any boat often rises, but the best boats go ballistic.

As the underlying asset rises in price, their share prices can go up by many multiples — as we’ve just seen.

And while there can never be any guarantee of surging price gains in the next anticipated gold bull run, you can certainly see the potential of these tiny gold miners.

That’s what I mean when I use the phrase ‘built-in leverage’.

In a gold mania, if you want to shoot for the biggest gains, these are exactly the kinds of trades you want to be making.

I have four which I’ll present to you shortly — which could all be positively correlated to the gold price.

But I have something for you that I think could be of even greater value than gold mania stock recommendations.

It’s a methodology for PICKING gold stocks YOURSELF during an anticipated mania phase.

Because, look. Stock selection is more important than ever here.

These stocks are risky!!! You could lose some or all of your investment.

Even when things appear to be in their favour.

That’s why I warn you in no uncertain terms to stay away from what I’m about to show you if you don’t have the means and the temperament to speculate.

It takes a certain type of ballsy investor to dive into micro-caps while the investment world is collectively losing its mind!

Striking gold is an inexact science.

There are price fluctuations, production costs, exploration costs.

There are stock market fluctuations (boy, are there fluctuations right now…).

As I’ve shown you, the smallest of gold stocks can get swamped by big market movements, due to their liquidity.

Explorers are your true wild cards.

Simply for the fact that you can pick up shares for five or 10 cents.

And they can do absolutely nothing…for a very long period of time.

Sometimes they can and do trade down — even in a gold bull market.

And then they can find a tiny bit of gold, just a speck — two grams per metre, for example — and that’s it. Boom.

They can just explode.

That’s in normal times.

In those super-rare times when gold goes into mania mode…those exploding up-moves can go supernova.

So how do you sort the wheat from the chaff?

For nearly three years, I’ve been running a system aimed at doing just that.

It’s called N.I.T.R.I.C.

Searching for gold stocks — in any market — is a lot like prospecting.

You have to know the landscape…the terrain.

And, with very small developers and explorer micro-caps, you need to take in the risks and aim high.

For the three-kilogram mega-nuggets.

There’s no use loading up with all the high risks of a mining small-cap if they’re only ever going to return you a few flakes.

Rule #1 going forward: Don’t use the resurgence of the gold price as a crutch.

Let other hyped-up investors grab any old small-cap with ‘gold’ in its name.

If anything, we need to be MORE selective and do even MORE due diligence than ever.

Because the stakes are high. And…as I say…what we’re looking for are the BEST boats.

The proprietary system I’ve developed is set up to do this.

It’s laser-focused on the ‘Wild West’ of the gold stock market. Companies that don’t have any financial data. They just don’t have the standard reports that every big stock analyst looks at.

It’s called N.I.T.R.I.C because it’s named after the test prospectors used for gold in the late 18th century.

They would take what they suspected to be a gold nugget and rub it on a rock.

Then they’d add a couple of drops of nitric acid to the mark. If it dissolved, it wasn’t gold. But if the mark remained, the prospector had a precious find on his hands.

To me, the N.I.T.R.I.C test is a neat metaphor for separating the dud stocks in the gold market from the potential winners, which is what I aim to do.

But I’ve made a new addition — and extra layer — to this search methodology. One that is designed to supercharge it for the current climate. And could give us an even better chance of uncovering the ‘best boats’ to ride the coming mania.

With this addition, I’m now calling the system N.I.T.R.I.C-X.

Here’s what it stands for…


So…we’re still in the investment phase of this bull market.

We are NOT yet in the mania phase.

But gold is living up to its reputation as a safe haven in fearful times.

Some giant mining companies like Newmont and Barrick Gold have (at the time of writing) fared much better than the wider market during the recent giant stock sell-off.

As reported by Barron’s: ‘“The flows into gold are just getting started,” says Peter Grosskopf, chief executive of Sprott, a Toronto asset manager focused on precious metals.

But you know what?

With regard to micro-cap gold stocks, all of that means NOTHING without the right ‘magic number’.

This is the number all gold miners chase — the all-important cost per ounce, often known as the all-in sustaining cost (AISC).

The best boats in this market will have the best AISCs.

So that’s our first port of call.

It’s the little things that can affect the AISC. The right sort of plant and equipment, all the way down to the mine type, will determine the cost per ounce.

Open-pit gold mines, for example, often have a lower quality of ore per tonne compared to underground mines. But they also have much lower costs than the underground ones. The energy costs alone for an open-pit mine are generally 10% cheaper than underground mines.

This means that the giant hole in the ground can have fewer gold grams per tonne, but it’s likely miners will be able to get it out cheaper than the underground mine…giving them an AISC lower than competitors.

Take Aussie miner St Barbara Ltd [ASX:SBM] as an example. In 2007, SBM was running a cash cost of $508 per ounce of gold.

SBM managed this low average when the gold price was AU$830 per ounce.

These low cash costs contributed to the share price surge of almost 600% in just a couple of years…

Next, ‘I’ stands for...

Identified Reserves

Mainstream analysts like Jeff Gundlach, the CEO of DoubleLine, a major bond manager, are now going on record according to Barron’s, saying that it is ‘almost a certainty that gold will go to an all-time high versus the dollar’.

But, again, none of that means a thing if you DON’T HAVE ANY gold.

Of course, finding precious metals in the ground is key for any gold stock. But how much is it sitting on? And what’s the quality of those reserves?

That’s where the ore grade comes in. It tells you how many grams of gold per tonne a company is in control of. The higher the grade of the gold mine, the lower the costs to mine.

Barra Resources Ltd is one such company that’s managed this. During a routine exploration around the Burbanks Gold Mine, Barra Resources hit on a true ‘bonanza’ gold find.

And by the way, if the Burbanks Gold Mine sounds familiar, it should be. It’s one of Australia’s biggest gold producing mines in history, digging up a massive 649,000 ounces of gold in the short time it’s been operational.

In fact, one of the tiny gold miners on my watch list is on there for that very reason, as it has access to the ‘gold belt’ in Western Australia — details to come…

That brings us to ‘T’, which stands for...


Super-important: You need to be even MORE picky in assessing a management team in a gold bull market.

You want skilful, experienced and efficient drillers.

You don’t want salesmen who talk the talk and are riding the bull market’s coattails without any substantive progress on the ground.

Believe me: A gold bull market brings characters like that out of the woodwork.

Like the ‘close-ologists’.

Companies which, instead of doing the legwork, simply stake land around an existing mine that the market is paying attention to.

And the pump-and-dumper.

Even more prevalent when times are good for gold. describes this management strategy as follows: ‘Accumulates stock at insanely low prices, raises money, and then uses grey-area promotional strategies to inch up the stock prices on low volume. Sells stock as soon as the price is high enough to make a profit.’

These guys get attracted to a bull market like moths to a lightbulb.

You can have the biggest gold deposit in the world but, unless you’ve got the right team, that means squat.

Basically, here I analyse whether management has the right sort of resume.

Has it run mines successfully before? Or did it just get the keys to one of daddy’s forgotten investments? Is the company chief someone with 20 years of experience bringing a mine online…or wet behind the ears?

That takes us to ‘R’, or...

Resource Potential

It’s one thing to find gold in the ground. It’s another thing entirely to know the mine life.

After all, there’s no point setting up a major ore processing station if the resource is set to only drill gold and silver ore for a few years.

So here I turn my attention to what’s around and nearby. How successful are the neighbouring tenements and other companies mining in the area? Not only that, but how deep can they drill?

Take Kidman Resources Ltd, for example. It purchased a tenement next to the Burbanks Gold Mine.

Drill tests in 2015 revealed there was a potential 5.6 grams of gold per tonne. It didn’t take long for the gold bugs to work out the potential here, either.

The share price rallied 3,016% in two years following the announcement. No doubt having one of Australia’s highest-yielding gold mines next door helped!

On to the second ‘I’, which stands for...

Investment Liquidity

I’ve already mentioned liquidity. This is even more important than ever in the current climate.

There’s no point making extreme gains in stocks that you can’t sell if you wanted to take profit…and likewise if you needed to get out of a losing stock.

So, I look at how often shares are changing hands. And whether investors are dumping the stock.

Not only that, but I also look to see whether the shares are held by small private investment groups — making it hard for the ordinary investor to gain access.

Remember, N.I.T.R.I.C. identifies tiny gold stocks. But there’s no point getting into a stock if there’s not enough shares available for you to buy and sell.

Again, we are after relatively short-term gains. We may hold some positions longer than others, especially if there’s a sniff of a buyout. But we don’t want to hold these positions indefinitely.

Eventually, we want to sell these stocks for a much higher price. So we need to be able to get out of them at some point. Liquidity counts massively here.

And so to the ‘C’ in N.I.T.R.I.C., which stands for...

Capital and Cash flow

The saying ‘whoever has the gold makes the rules’ may be true…but for micro miners, cash is king.

What’s backing these mining stocks? Who’s backing them?

I’ll investigate how much cash they’re sitting on…or I’ll unearth their debt-driven funding.

Gold and silver mining is expensive work. For this reason, no detail is too small. I’ll analyse in detail whether a company can fund new projects with debt, cash or even a joint venture with a bigger firm.

Finally, I’ll also look at whether this is the sort of stock that will constantly be hitting up shareholders, diluting holdings in the process.

So, there you have it…

Using my proprietary N.I.T.R.I.C. acid test, we’ll aim to whittle the dud gold mining stocks going nowhere from the winners.

But I said I’ve added a final layer to ramp up our chances of success at finding the ‘best boats’ for the coming mania. So what is the ‘X’ in N.I.T.R.I.C.-X?


In times like these, I want a stock with a STORY.

I want a company with a particular edge that could see it do exceedingly well, even if gold WASN’T in a bull market.

Not just that they’re hunting in all the right regions…or a switched-on management team is making the right moves. There needs to be some kind of ‘secret spice’.

For instance…

I’m working on a special side project right now, searching for gold-copper plays.

Gold and copper are often found in close proximity.

A good gold-copper exploration find provides that X-factor. That edge you want in the mania phase…that little extra ingredient that could make all the difference to your potential gains.

Why is this?

Think of copper in a gold tenement as a sort of ‘gold mining credit’.

Because you’re mining copper, it becomes a lot cheaper to mine the gold. You can get a much lower cost per ounce.

Look at the Cadia Mine out in New South Wales. They’ve got a very, very low cost per ounce. It’s because they mine copper too.

Low cost-per-ounce gold miners will have a greater likelihood of doing the best in the coming mania phase.

You should be hunting them down now.

And we need to be identifying other X-factors. The kind of things lazy investors who are just on the gold bandwagon would never look for.

Does a management team have any connection to a mining major?

Is there a previous history of killer gold strikes?

Are there hints of a big find that the market doesn’t know about yet?

Look, I want to emphatically state this:

Even when you do all of the above due diligence, there’s NO WAY you can 100% de-risk these stocks or guarantee share price gains. Not possible.

They can go down hard…no matter how much work you’ve done on them…even in a bull market.

But N.I.T.R.I.C-X can be as solid a system as you’ll find in the current conditions.

Remember the endgame:
‘Mania-level’ potential gains if
this gold bull moves into third gear


What buy signals is N.I.T.R.I.C-X flashing right now?

This is not a ‘buy everything’ system.

We’re going to be selective.

Weeks may go by before we pull the trigger on a new trade.

Our last urgent buy alert was triggered on 4 March.

And, boy, is it a doozy. But REEEEEEAAALLY tiny, even by micro-cap miner standards.

It has a market cap of just $3 million.

The share price (at the time of writing) is just 10 cents.

It’s so little that barely anyone talks about it on stock forums.

In fact, I think this may be one of the riskiest companies I’ll ever recommend.

But if you’re in for an extreme punt and can afford to lose part or all of your investment…and these guys really do end up as a ‘best boat’…mate, the sky could be the limit for this stock.

What I’m fascinated about here is a project this company has been working on…completely under the radar…on an underexplored pocket of the Northern Territory.

It’s a tenement that’s smack-bang in the middle of the gold-rich Pine Creek Orogen — the very area that started the Northern Territory’s gold rush.

Its maiden drill exploration program was completed mid-January.

Results actually weren’t great. Out of 10 holes dug, only one showed mineralisation. The market wasn’t impressed. But that’s actually an advantage to us.

Because not only has this smallest of miners passed the N.I.T.R.I.C test, it has not just one but SEVERAL unique X-factors I think the market is completely overlooking.

Sorry, I’m not going to reveal the name of this company here.

As you’ve probably guessed, I run a gold mining stock trading service.

It’s not cheap.

And it’s for active traders only.

But I’m not going to be modest: I really believe it’s one of the only services in Australia that can potentially position you in the RIGHT stocks, RIGHT now, before the gold bull kicks up to the next level.

You don’t have to take my word on that, though.

We’ve arranged for you to test-run the service on a 100% membership refund basis.

Meaning, you can get ALL my current buy recommendations RIGHT NOW…including my most recent Pilbara trade…and still get a 100% refund of your subscription fee within the first 30 days, if you so wish.

It’s called...

Hard Money Trader

If you join today, you’ll initiate a 30-day trial period of my service.

That gets you access to my current buy list.

You’ll also get details of the ‘hotlist’ of trades I’m gearing to make over the coming weeks and months, as well as a package of reports and resources to help you position yourself…and TRADE…the opportunity we’ve talked about today: How to potentially turn gold’s next anticipated move higher into substantial profits. 

Each month — as gold marches higher — I’ll send you research on at least one new micro-cap ‘hard money’ stock pick.

But as gold rides higher (as I expect it will), there could be several more stocks to tell you about.

Here’s what you get when you
join Hard Money Trader today:

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  • Weekly updates and analysis: You’ll stay ahead of the gold market news cycle with my email updates. If there’s an important story that could affect the bullion or mining industry, I will give you the inside scoop. I’ll also use this opportunity to update our open trades, let you know if the action to take has changed, and keep you apprised of the strategy for finding more trading opportunities over the coming months...
  • Monthly gold market updates: This is where my friend and colleague, Jim Rickards, will give you his global overview of the gold market as he tracks the new bull run. No, it won’t be in a straight line. But I promise you’ll always be in the picture.

So, how much does access to the Hard Money Trader service cost?

Well, I’ll say it again — it’s not cheap.  

This level of analysis doesn’t come easy.

Then there’s the time and money it takes for me to conduct the research and due diligence on each stock.

And don’t forget, they are tiny and speculative high-risk stocks.

They are only for a limited audience who are willing to speculate on these risky stocks.

That’s why we’ve purposely priced membership high to ensure that only the most serious readers claim access to these trades.

As such, an annual subscription to Hard Money Trader is $2,999.

If that sounds like a lot…that’s because it is.

I make no apologies.

As far as I know, NO ONE else in the world is undertaking this specific methodology of research into gold in this much depth…or has access to the kinds of contacts I am privy to…anywhere in the world, let alone Australia.

So, if $2,999 for one year sounds like too much money, I can tell you right now: This research is probably not right for you.

However, there is some good news…

but you must act now

The gold market has taken a significant upward turn since we launched this service last year.

Hard Money Trader is tailor-made for current conditions.

As such, my publisher and I would like to extend you a great offer for the first year of membership.

You can get $1,000 off the official publisher’s price if you reply right now to this invitation.

That means you can become a member of Hard Money Trader for just $1,999.

Believe me — I don’t know if we’re likely to offer this low price ever again.

When we first launched, we didn’t offer a refund period.

I didn’t want people subscribing, getting all my launch picks, and then cancelling for a full refund.

Conditions have changed since then.

Things are exciting (for gold bugs) but also kind of crazy out there.

So, I want to give you a refund period cushion so you can make sure this is for you. You’ll have 30 days to assess everything. And, if you wish, you can cancel for a full refund of that $1,999 – as long as it’s within those first 30 days.

Bottom line: This is a serious offer...

For serious investors only.

If that’s you, and you understand and are happy with the above, then scroll down now and click one of the links below to get started.

GENUINE gold manias
don’t happen often

Let me just remind you of some of the mania-phase gains made by some gold miners in past gold bull markets…

  • 2,464% on Lincoln Resources
  • 2,400% on Wharf Resources
  • 3,988% on Silverado Mines
  • 619% on Independence Group
  • 2,431% on Farallon
  • 858% on Perseus Mining
  • 3,350% on Francisco Gold
  • 5,691% on Arequipa
  • 297% on Tribune Resources
  • 143% on Newcrest Mining
  • 29,644% on Seabridge Gold
  • 648% on ABM Minerals
  • 10,309% on Aquiline Resources
  • 11,533% on NovaGold
  • 542% on Zimplats Holdings
  • 552% on Perilya
  • 5,800% on Gold Canyon Resources
  • 720% on St Barbara
  • 8,500% on Trelawney Mining
  • 3,650% on Citigold Corporation

Again, there can be no guarantees, but these are exactly the kinds of gains I’m swinging for in the months to come in Hard Money Trader.

And I believe — completely believe — they’re achievable. I wouldn’t be writing if I didn’t.

But... let me quickly make an...

Important final point:

Those insane mania gains you see to the right from the ’79/’80 ‘granddaddy’ gold bull?

Obviously, you had to buy and SELL at the right time to realise them.

You needed to be shrewd and ‘exit the mania’ at just the right time.

That’s hard. It’s certainly no exact science. And there’s no way we’ll do that with every play.

But we MUST try.

When the gold bust came in 1980, it came hard. Many of the juniors — even some on the list to the right — got blown out of existence.

And many investors who saw thousand-plus percent gains in 1979/1980…but grimly held on and refused to sell…saw pretty much all those gains go up in smoke.

So that’s something you need to be aware of if we’re talking about a potential repeat of that heady time soon.

Selling smart is almost more important than buying smart. 

And that’s what we’ll be aiming to do with Hard Money Trader.

You can’t wait long to get into these stocks.

Soon we expect the horse to bolt,
the anticipated mania will begin,
and you could be left on the sidelines,

So, if you’re even remotely interested, now’s the time to join Hard Money Trader and get in.

(Review your offer before it’s finalised)

Or, perhaps you still have questions?

Well, then let me try to anticipate a few of them…and give you some answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1:
What if the virus subsides, markets
calm down and gold falls back?

Even if the first two things happen (which I believe is
highly unlikely in the immediate future), it’s unlikely
that this gold bull market is going anywhere…

What if Wall Street’s virus-related panic dies down?

What if, as the temperatures fall, the quarantines are lifted and the face masks come off, gold and gold stocks cool down shortly after?

It would be a bummer to belong to a gold stock trading service if that happened, right? If the mania phase doesn’t end up kicking in?


China has mobilised its fiscal engineers, its municipal governments, its military and scientific apparatuses, and… most importantly…its central bank policymakers to send a message to the world: We’ve got this.

Around the world, central banks are indicating they’re going to print and borrow their way out of a virus-led recession.

But stock markets don’t buy it.

And, as you’ve seen, we’ve had a massive run-up in the gold price.

It’s NOT JUST due to panic over a global pandemic. Although that’s certainly a catalyst.

Investors are looking at the disruption of supply chains, manufacturing, retail and travel around the globe and thinking…quite logically…well, this can’t be good

Then there’s the growing fear that the longer this goes on…the longer negative aftereffects will linger.

That even if we get a vaccine tomorrow, a worldwide viral financial crisis (VFC) may be looming, regardless.

So, the classic gold fear trade could remain in play for a long time.

But the true reason gold is breaking out against paper currencies is because it is REAL MONEY.

In short, history shows that gold strengthens when people are scared.

But gold really goes crazy…and gold stocks even more so…when central bankers intervene, massively and simultaneously. 

This is what sparks a ‘mania’ phase.

And I believe this is what we’re at the beginning of, right now.

Question #2:
What happens if we have a massive global recession?

The smart crowd ALWAYS makes money.

Listen, there’s an important connection you need to make here…

You see, monetary collapses don’t mean the end of the world.

That’s something many ‘gloom and doom’ folks just don’t understand.

So, while ‘preppers’ and folks building doomsday bunkers may think they know where society is headed, I see it a different way.

Today’s international monetary system is largely based on the US dollar. And yes, a new collapse could be triggered by a loss of confidence in the dollar and its role as a store of value.

It will be very worrying for many people when it eventually happens.

But here’s what most people DON’T know…

Based on the monetary history of the past century, collapses have NOT meant the end of the world. People don’t go into caves or start eating canned goods.

Instead, previous monetary collapses have resulted in the major financial and trading powers of the time sitting down around the table and rewriting the rules of the game.

That’s VERY important for you and me today.

Yes, I advocate holding gold as a store of value.

But right now, before the rules of the game change (where we could see a $10,000 gold price), you have what could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride the wave over the longer term.

Simply put, when the rules of the game change, I believe hard money plays could make a huge difference to your wealth.

Question #3:
Why not just invest in physical gold. Isn’t that enough?

As my friend and collaborator Jim Rickards told
Fox Business…
there’s a difference between
making money and preserving wealth.

Source: Fox News

In an economic collapse, gold could be the best way to preserve your wealth.

So there’s no replacement for holding physical gold.

Gold (and silver too) is hard money.

End of story.


The profit potential of gold and silver isn’t going to make you a life-changing amount of money.

In my view, and again there can be no guarantees, trading a selection of the right hard money stocks could be HANDS DOWN one of the best ways to make money today — with the anticipated gold window open.

Question #4:
Markets have been hammered.
Haven’t gold stocks been hammered too?


Yes. Gold stocks — temporarily — get sucked
into fear-based stock selling like everything else.
You need to hold your nerve…and buy the dips

Make no bones about it: When you get huge historic selloff days like the few we’ve seen recently, gold stocks can get shellacked along with everything else.

The fact that they’re tied to one of the only bull markets on the planet right now (apart from the one in face masks) is no invincibility cloak.

That’s why this opportunity is NOT for every investor.

You need to hold your nerve. See what’s driving the selling. Keep the big picture in mind. And STICK TO YOUR TRADING PLAN.

‘Buy the dip’ is a cliché, but that will factor into our strategy as volatility continues.

Question #5:
What will I get if I take a 30-day trial
of Hard Money Trader today?

Everything below…

  • Instant access to all of the open, current trades on my Hard Money Trader buy list.
  • 12-month membership to Hard Money Trader...which entitles you to my best micro-cap gold trading opportunity every month. That’s a minimum of 12 more micro-cap ‘hard money’ trades coming your way over the next year.
  • SPECIAL REPORT — The N.I.T.R.I.C Acid Test for Trading Hard Money Stocks: How a centuries-old methodology can increase your chances of detecting the potential for extreme gains from micro miners.
  • SPECIAL REPORT — The Path to $10,000 Gold (and the smart way to profit as it rises).
  • SPECIAL REPORT — The Secret of the Gold Windows: Here I reveal the three gold stages all gold bull markets move through…and what this means for the next great gold price spike.
  • Weekly updates and analysis: You’ll stay ahead of the gold market news cycle with my email updates. If there’s an important story that could affect the bullion or mining industry, I will give you the inside scoop. I’ll also use this opportunity to update our open trades, let you know if the action to take has changed, and keep you apprised of the strategy for finding more trading opportunities over the coming months...
  • Monthly gold market updates: This is where my friend and colleague, Jim Rickards, will give you his global overview of the gold market as he tracks the new bull run. No, it won’t be in a straight line. But I promise you’ll always be in the picture.

Question #6:
Am I REALLY entitled to a 100% refund
within 30 days — even after I’ve received
your current buy recommendations?

Yes, absolutely.

If you join today, you’ll initiate a 30-day trial period of my service.

That gets you access to my current buy list.

You’ll also get details of the ‘hotlist’ of trades I’m gearing to make over the coming weeks and months, as well as a package of reports and resources to help you position yourself…and TRADE…the opportunity we’ve talked about today: How to potentially turn gold’s next anticipated move higher into substantial profits. 

If, for WHATEVER reason, you are not satisfied, you may request and full and unconditional refund within 30 days.

Question #7:
Are the stocks you’ll recommend risky?

Yes, absolutely, as outlined many times in this report.

These are very small stocks. That’s your first risk factor.

Then there’s the fact that they are mining stocks. Another risk factor.

Then, finally, there’s the wider market right now, which can hardly be termed as stable!

What you’re betting on here is that there could well be forming another massive boom for gold mining stocks, similar to the late 70s.

But there are absolutely no guarantees.

And all investments that are linked to an underlying asset are subject to changes in the price of that asset.

In other words, if you are holding the stock of a gold miner and the gold price crashes, your holding is at risk of falling in value too.

This is for TRADERS only.

Never invest more than you could comfortably afford to lose on any one recommendation.

(Review your offer before it’s finalised)

Right now, you could be staring at a huge opportunity as gold sets up for its anticipated mania move.

That’s what a true mania phase would entail.

And I have the stocks that could play it.

Stocks you can have the detail of in the next 10 minutes.

Central bankers are starting to deploy stimulus and money-printing on an epic level.

That could add even more upward momentum to gold.

Click the ‘Subscribe Now’ button below to get started. You’ll be able to confirm everything on the next page before entering your details.


Shae Russell

Shae Russell,
Founder, Hard Money Trader

(Review your offer before it’s finalised)